Making Great Resumes And Cover Letters For A Skilled Graduate

Have you recently finished uni or TAFE? Congratulations! Being a graduate is a life changing time, full of possibility as you seek to find a job in the field you have just finished studying. Having invested years into your study, it is more important than ever for graduates to have great resumes and cover letters that will instantly gain employers attention and help you stand out against other graduate candidates. Employers can be inundated with hundreds of graduate applications, meaning they will only read the resumes and cover letters that demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, previous work experience, alignment with the company and ability to make a difference in the role.

What employers want to see

As a university graduate who is just entering the workforce, you know plenty about your field of study, however you might not understand all of the factors that employers consider when looking through a great graduate job application. Employers care about outcomes; while you may have some great experience from your years of studying, accurately communicating your academic and work outcomes on your job application can be quite difficult. What you may think is an adequate explanation of your job history and experience may not appear to be so great to employers.

That's where Career Oracle come in; all of our staff were once a graduate just like you, looking for their big career break. We know how heartbreaking receiving rejection is, and we want to give you the best chance of success. We will write fantastic resumes, cover letters and selection criteria responses you have that will make you stand out to employers. Our professional service will significantly increase the likelihood of your getting called for an interview and starting your dream job. In fact, 80% of Career Oracle customers land an interviews in the first month.

We can also provide you with our interview coaching service to know how to effectively communicate and impress your potential employer.

If you are ready to finally land interviews for the jobs you really want and have studied hard for, then please contact us at either 1300 889 703 or to get your foot in the door and your career started.