Pricing & Packages

Payment Options

School Leaver: $250
University/ College Graduate: $299
Professional Resume:  $350
Government & Management: $399
Senior Manager / Area Manager: $450
GM or Executive: $499

Additional Resume Versions: If you have a vast skill set and are targeting a broad range of roles, we will often recommend having 1-3 versions of your resume based on the various roles you are applying for. Subsequent resume versions: $150

Cover Letter
Custom Cover Letter: $150
Standard Cover letter: $99

Additional Cover Letter Versions: If you are applying for multiple roles and have ordered a custom cover letter, we can complete additional cover letter amendments catered towards other similar roles. Subsequent cover letter versions: $75

Resume & Customised Cover Letter Packages*
School Leaver: $299
University/ College Graduate: $359
Professional Level: $459
Experienced Professional, Government & Management: $499
Senior Manager / Area Manager: $559
GM or Executive: $599

* 1 x resume & 1 x customised cover letter per package

Other Services
LinkedIn Profile:  $299
LinkedIn Profile Purchased with Resume: $225
Selection Criteria Statement: $70  per selection criteria
Interview or Development Coaching: $150 per hr

Industry & Career Specific Packages

Government Election
Applying for a government job?

We have demonstrated success in helping Career Oracle customers land coveted government roles by creating an application suite that highlights areas of competence and proven achievement.

How do we do this?
When seeking a role in government applying the STAR method to your cover letter, resume and selection criteria statement is a must!

What is the STAR method?
The STAR method is a job application approach which seeks to show real life examples of how you have previously performed against the selection criteria.

S = Situation. Set the scene, when did the example happen, what role were you in?
T = Task. Detail what the goal or target was, when, who was involved?
A = Action. What actions and steps did you take, what skills and behaviour did you demonstrate?
R = Result. What was the positive outcome or result of the steps you took?

What is included?
1 x Selection criteria statement: specifically addressing up to 6 criteria using the STAR method
1 x Achievements based resume
1 x Custom cover letter, specifically highlighting how you will add value to the role


Personal Value Proposition

Still not sure of what makes you unique?
Many people understand the importance of a company having a clear business strategy, for an individual the concept is no different. How you position yourself in the market place or progress within the organisation you are already with is greatly dependent on your own personal value proposition.

What is a personal value proposition?
Your personal value proposition is the unique blend of your implicit skills, unwavering values, natural talents, situational requirements, cultural drivers and experience of what you have and have not liked in prior roles. 

In short, the melting pot of everything that makes you tick.
We can help you identify your unique value proposition in order to target a role that is right for you!


Mum’s the Word

  • Are you re-entering the work force after maternity leave or time at home with the family?
  • Not sure how to position yourself back within the workforce?
  • Perhaps you are feeling like a change of direction that will provide more flexibility and better aligns with your new values and view on the world?

We can help!

The decision to move back into paid employment after maternity leave or raising a family can provide a perfect opportunity to take the time to clearly define what is it that you are seeking in the long term, and potentially completely redirect your career.

Before compiling your resume it is always good to take the time to understand your personal value proposition. Coupled with a great cv and cover letter, you can now target companies and industries that will better align with your life as a mum.

What is included?
1 x Personal value proposition session including S.W.O.T analysis document
1 x Achievement and skills based resume
1 x Cover letter


Fresh Start Multi Pack

If you are looking for a complete change of pace and will be submitting multiple job applications across a range of industries or companies over the next 60 days, then this package is for you!

What is included?
60 days of unlimited resume and cover letter revisions, maximise your chance of success by having your cv and cover letters specifically catered to the roles you are applying for. We will provide you with personalised and ongoing support, including helping you source roles to apply for. 


NB: Please note this package is subject to reasonable use. The Oracle reserves the right to impart her wisdom. If you are applying for roles that fundamentally do not match your core values, demonstrated skills or proven experience, subtle encouragement in the right direction will be applied!

Graduate Guidance

Yay! You have studied hard, survived the humiliation of last night’s toga party and are finally ready to embark on your career.

This package will provide you a custom academic resume that highlights your areas of demonstrated academic success.

What is included?
1 x Academic resume: Highlighting your areas of demonstrated academic success, cohort participation, previous part time work, and career goals
5 x Custom cover letters: Up to 5 bespoke letters to specifically target the organisations you are applying with.


Total Transition
Are you at a career cross roads?

Whether it is due to redundancy, restructure or just a change of heart, we specialise in guiding Career Oracle clients through major job transitions.

Change can be tough, especially if you have been doing the same role or worked with a particular company for a long time.

We can help you identify your core strengths, achievements and transferable skills in order to target new roles and industries that will leverage your proven ability.

What seems like the end of one chapter of your life could be just the beginning of a great new career phase.

What is included?

1 x Counselling session, work through the impact of the change so you feel confident for a fresh start
1 x Personal value proposition session, understand your core strengths, proven achievements, transferable skills, likes & dislikes in order to target roles that are right for you
1 x Achievement & skills based resume
1 x Custom cover letter


Payment Options