Selection Criteria Writing Services

Our selection criteria writing services

Addressing a chosen job’s selection criteria can be a little daunting. Maybe you have already tried yourself and been disappointed when you did not receive an interview?

Our selection criteria writing services take the guesswork and stress out of the response process. The Career Oracle team have demonstrated success responding to government and private sector selection criteria, resulting in 70% of clients landing an interview. Our team has a wealth of experience providing selection criteria writing services across a range of sectors including banking, investment, insurance, government, professional services, hospitality, education and engineering. We understand exactly how to explain your proven ability using a number of successful recruitment methods including the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action Result) – a response technique, which is often a compulsory format outlined in many job interview processes. We know exactly how to address the key selection criteria, using language that employers respond to and therefore maximising your chances of landing an interview.

We have a professional panel of experts with years of combined experience selecting applicants for jobs and helping jobseekers find the most effective way to express their value to potential employers.

So what’s the process?

Step 1: Send us an enquiry. We will reply within one business day and follow it up with an obligation-free phone consultation.

Step 2: Simply supply your existing resume & link to the job you would like to apply for (if applicable).

Step 3: We send out your draft selection criteria statement for your review within five business days (rush order available).

Step 4: Time to sign off. We will revise your selection criteria up to three times at absolutely no cost.

Still have questions about our selection criteria writing services?

Call us at 1300 889 703 to book in our selection criteria writing services.